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Sten Do / Hag Do in Bath

Increasingly popular is the growing trend of the bride and groom sharing their last few days of “freedom” together. STEN do (stag & hen) and HAG do (hen & stag) are mixed sex gatherings providing the perfect solution to those couples with groups of friends across the sexes. It’s also worth considering as it might save a few pennies, save on time (only 1 weekend/week to schedule in and not 2), plus its suitable for those who’d like to celebrate getting married with all their friendship groups together.

Why are STEN do / HAG parties so popular?

Creating joint memories that your wedding party as an entire group can share and recount will add a great energy to your big day meaning no one feels left out of the conversation. It will also ease those awkward formal introductions as most guests will have already met, creating a more relaxed environment with shared experiences and memories having already been created.

How does a STEN party / HAG do work?

Your STEN or HAG weekend still has the option of single sex activities; following a Friday night gathering it might be that you separate out for gender typical fun; boys head for the clay pigeon shooting range, and the girls race to the spa …it might be that you refuse do things the way they’ve always been done and mix things up even more. Girls go stand up paddle boarding whilst the lads get the pampering… Or you find an activity that suits all party members.

The point being, a mixed setting creates plenty of space to get creative with your time whilst with your nearest and dearest.

Why have your STEN do / HAG party in Bath?

Bath is the perfect setting for your STEN and HAG, with so many different activities on offer appealing to all, together with plenty of large self-catering accommodation offerings meaning that gathering all your friends in one place need not be impossible.

You can see our list of properties right here. Or just get in touch with us to discuss your plans, we’ve got some great STEN/HAG packages available!

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